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Hello, I'm Alana!

I'm a UX/UI Designer from the San Francisco Bay Area with an academic background in sociology. Whether it's in the wellness or sustainability space, what matters most to me is harnessing design to help users live richer and more meaningful lives. 


As a former international model, I worked for seven years with creatives and clients around the world to sell products through campaigns, commercials, runway shows, e-commerce, and print ads. In working with brands ranging from Athleta to Samsung, I developed a strong collaborative ethos and an artistic mindset. I was also exposed to the stories we tell as a society and how, in any industry, influence can be used either to uplift people or to manipulate them.


My mission as a UX designer is to design with real people in mind and leverage human-centered methodologies for positive purposes.


Other things about me...


In my spare time, I enjoy exploring foreign cities, practicing yoga, scoping out new nature spots, writing, browsing the dessert aisle in grocery stores, learning about Eastern wisdom, laughing with my family and experimenting with new creative pursuits. 

Things I want to learn or do in the future include: 

  • Learn to surf

  • Backpack through Latin America

  • Write a book

  • Ride in a hot air balloon 

  • Discover the best coffee in the world

  • LinkedIn
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